Aragon Aluminio



Use or application

It is applied over the aluminum alloy 6063. The anodized is produced through an electrolytic oxidation process in which the surface of the aluminum is converted into an oxide coating with protective, decorative, and functional properties. For the selection of the proper anodized, it must be considered that the anodic layer is related to the level of functional requirements and environmental conditions, which is why it is used from 10 um to 20 um thick.


The material is free of defects that affect its use, such as a “hot spot”, “pitting”, and others on the defined faces of the plane. The inspection of the physical appearance is realized at a distance of three meters without the help of magnifying devices. The distance for the marks from the point of contact shall not exceed 5 cm, evenly distributed on each edge of the profile. When the color is assessed with samples it should be uniform and similar, when compared close in the same plane and at an equal location from the light source.